Home Studying

Liven Things Up

Studying isn’t always the most entertaining activity, but it is going to be beneficial to you in the long run if you can discipline yourself to complete your goals. One of the best ways I found to approach studying was to try and make it fun and interesting to me personally.

When you are studying a subject ask yourself how the material applies to your life. Try to get involved in activities that help you to bridge the gap between your school work and your everyday life. If you are learning about biology, go out into the world and find hands on examples of the information that you are receiving.

Set Reasonable Goals

Be honest with yourself, and set goals that you know you will be able to hit. You don’t have to take it overly easy on yourself. Set challenges and reward yourself when you go above and beyond with an assignment. Rewarding yourself helps your mind to approach challenges with positivity.

Learn To Say No

The hardest part of studying for me was learning to say no to my friends when they wanted to go out and do something fun. I learned that saying “no” in situations actually helped me to feel better in the long run. When I got to the end of a term and didn’t have to do any make up work, I was relieved and didn’t have to go through all the usual stress of cramming and worrying about tests.

Study in Small Chunks

Rather than trying to cram a ton of information in your head late at night, try to space out your study time. You end up absorbing more information and avoiding the stress of trying to prepare for a test that is happening the next day. If you work in small shifts it also helps you to not get burnt out on a subject too quickly.